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Four key products to treat your Scalp Psoriasis.


Watch the video or read about it here! What is scalp psoriasis? Scalp psoriasis is a stubborn, often recurrent skin condition that typically affects the back of the head, but can affect the entire scalp. Conventional scalp care The hair is great for covering the plaque and scale but is also an obstruction when trying…

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When it comes to skincare LESS IS MORE!

Photo of Hydrate product lines for dry ageing skin

Do you have 20 half full bottles of skincare promising to wipe away wrinkles, hydrate your skin and cure your acne?  And all the while your wrinkles keep on coming, your skin remains dry as and your acne is the same or worse! You don’t need 20 half full bottles of skincare to get your…

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Natural versus Synthetic

When it comes to treating acne topically, my clients have wanted to use natural plant-based products but will use anything that works! Considering acne can be such a socially isolating and emotionally debilitating condition to have, it is imperative that whatever you chose works to get you toward acne free skin! If your heart’s desire…

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What’s the best anti-aging product on the market?

I think the answer will surprise you! You can age beautifully and feel like a million dollars! You just need to know how. First up we have skincare, and with skincare this depends on your individual skin type. If you use products that are aligned with your skin type, then your skin care will be…

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