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You DON’T need a million beauty products to get your skin glowing!!!!!!

Okay so your beauty bag is bulging with products, your skincare ritual is getting longer, yet your skin has not improved or changed in anyway.

What is H-A-P-P-E-N-I-N-G!

It’s time to take stock (ha-ha) and learn what really makes skin beautiful, dewy and G-L-O-W-I-N-G!

Beautiful, rosy, dewy skin is a combination of

  1. Using the correct amount of skincare products – LESS IS MORE
  2. Correct skincare products for YOUR skin type
  3. Realistic expectations of what your skincare can achieve
  4. Strategically managing what you eat, drink and levels of stress you experience

Your skin cells like any other cell in your body can only absorb so much. It has a maximum level of absorption. Putting layer upon layer of product into and onto your skin doesn’t mean that your skin will absorb some or any of the ingredients.

You want your skincare to work synergistically with your skin and this can’t happen if your formulations aren’t,

  1. Balanced
  2. Right for your skin

If these two key factors aren’t accounted for your skincare ends up being counter intuitive which will prevent any glowing skin, you wanted.

For example if you have blackheads, congestion, and an oily t-zone you won’t need to do anything else in the mornings apart from

  1. Wash your face with water or cleanser – use a cleanser if your skin is extra greasy
  2. Sunscreen

*Note – If your skin is extra greasy apply a serum prior to your sunscreen, one that is specifically designed for blackheads and/or oily skins – only apply this to the affected areas, then apply your sunscreen.

This is enough, anymore and it is too much, and your products work against each other. The effect of multiple products on congested/oily skin leads to blackheads, more congestion and dull skin resulting with your skin NOT improving.

Ask yourself if your skin has improved since using multiple products?

It’s time for you to ‘know your product, know your skin’!

I’m not suggesting you invest a heap of time on google to educate yourself on your skincare ingredients, however there are a few general rules that are good to know!

For example, water molecules are much smaller than fat molecules meaning that water-based products can go deeper into the skin. However, even when carried with a lipid or fat molecule the water component will not carry the lipid/fat deeper into the skin.

Products rich in emollients (fats/lipids) feel very nourishing and lush but they will never penetrate to the deeper layers of the skin, so if your skin is dehydrated then these products may not work for you.

Knowing your skin is where you will want to invest some time.

If you learn things like where you have dry patches, where you are red etc you can then use products specifically for these concerns and even put the product only on these areas of your face.

Your skin is affected by hormones, diet, stress and will change accordingly, so on these days use skincare that will help alleviate these issues. For example, if you’re feeling stressed your skin might be drier or redder than usual and some steps you can take would be,

  1. Don’t exfoliate on these nights
  2. Use a very gentle hand when applying products
  3. Avoid water that is too hot or cold
  4. Moisturise your skin with a water-based serum followed by either a silky cream or oil blend elixir
  5. Avoid watching or reading anything that will add to your stress. So, nothing scary, sad or anything that makes you feel uncomfortable because you already are uncomfortable. The news can also wait a day or two.
  6. Eat cooling refreshing foods such as cucumber, celery, lettuce, and steamed vegetables.  

While both knowing your skin type and how to properly address your skin issues are imperative for excellent skin health it’s also essential you have a realistic expectation of what your skincare can achieve.

This can be difficult to gauge when we have small to big companies pushing their product, making outrageous claims and all the while your wrinkles keep coming.

Next time you buy a product think to yourself,

  • What’s this for
  • What are my realistic expectations?
  • How will I measure the results?
  • Am I feeling vulnerable right now because of my skin

Always important to remember what else you are doing such as,

  • Did you eat a lot of junk food whilst you were using this product?
  • Were you feeling stressed frequently?
  • How was your emotional wellbeing?
  • Lots of late nights? 

These factors all effect the health of your skin because your skin is part of your overall and total health.

Skincare has limitations – it is not a filler, Botox, cosmetic acupuncture treatment or a microneedling session and you will NEVER get that kind of result from a cream.

You also can’t fix any internal issues you have with a cream or bottle of product.

Feelings of anxiety, sadness, stress, depression, nervousness will not be rectified by a skincare product.

Skincare can’t balance out a bad diet.

Hormone imbalances will not improve with expensive skincare.

Buying $1000 serums and creams to hydrate your skin is unnecessary when you can deliver optimal hydration internally from foods and liquids.

Working through some of these issues takes time and a trained health professional to guide you back on to the road of recovery towards healthy mind, body and skin!

I love skincare BUT this last approach of taking care of yourself is the most important and determining factor for you to get healthy, glowing, vibrant skin.


P.S. I have noticed over the years as I help more women with their skin that most don’t really understand their products. When to use them, how to use them, what’s really in them (google is not an authority on this) and if the products are causing damage to their skin.

If this sounds like you, please reach out and direct message me using any of my contact details.

I will give you an audit of your current skincare and formulate a skincare prescription designed for you.  

Your prescription is designed using my Chinese medicine qualifications and western science degree – so, not google in anyway. Plus, it’s not always going to end up with me telling you your products are no good! Even if they’re not natural.

I know enough to realise that synthetic products can be beneficial for some skins. Personally I prefer to go natural whenever I can, and I understand that sometimes this can’t be done, or it isn’t necessary to go natural to get the result you’re after. I get that some people don’t care either way, most of us just want a product that’s effective and does what it says on the bottle!

This is a free service (I find this fun) all you need to do is tell me what you’re currently using and when, plus I will need to chat with you about your skin, and­ you will have fun doing this too.

Chatting with you helps me determine exactly what skin type you have and guarantees your personalised skincare prescription will be perfect for your skin!


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