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Best treatments for teen acne!

Buying acne products for teenage acne can be tricky and presents some challenges. There are some things to consider before you hand over your hard-earned cash.

First and foremost is skincare will NOT fix teenage acne. It will DECREASE redness and irritation to take that angry look out of the skin. And with the right product, kill the bacteria that so commonly associated with acne.

So, what should you as the mum be looking for when trying to choose the right skincare products?

Well, it’s imperative you are realistic about what your child will and will not use. There’s no point buying an exfoliator if they will not use it 2-3 times weekly. And if you are considering purchasing skincare products, it’s important they have some desire and drive to use them.

Other considerations include what type of formulation do you and your child prefer natural, cruelty free, vegan, plant based, synthetic, medicated. And aside from the philosophy behind the skincare, the effectiveness of the formulation is incredibly important!!

There are very effective natural formulations that are more beneficial to the skin and your child’s health than synthetic medicated products.

For example, if your child has acne because of hormones (this is very common) then buying products with potential hormone disruptors can make their acne worse and consequently worsen their hormone imbalance.

Look for hormone friendly ingredients as these will benefit the body and their skin!

Our Indi Skin Balance range has natural anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial ingredients in the cleanser, exfoliator and the serum.

So, even if your child doesn’t want to use our exfoliator 2-3 times weekly, they can easily use the serum and cleanser and expect clean, fresh, brightened skin with decreased redness and zero bacterial growth!

All our formulations are plant based, cruelty free, vegan, and very EFFECTIVE.

But skincare alone will NOT fix your child’s acne-if you want more help you can DM me for a private online consult to get the ball rolling and please read the blogs under the acne tab.

Good Luck


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