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Photo of Hydrate product lines for dry ageing skin

When it comes to skincare LESS IS MORE!

By cynthiawhite / 06/05/2021 /

Do you have 20 half full bottles of skincare promising to wipe away wrinkles, hydrate your skin and cure your acne?  And all the while your wrinkles keep on coming, your skin remains dry as and your acne is the same or worse! You don’t need 20 half full bottles of skincare to get your…

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You DON’T need a million beauty products to get your skin glowing!!!!!!

By cynthiawhite / 30/03/2021 /

Okay so your beauty bag is bulging with products, your skincare ritual is getting longer, yet your skin has not improved or changed in anyway. What is H-A-P-P-E-N-I-N-G! It’s time to take stock (ha-ha) and learn what really makes skin beautiful, dewy and G-L-O-W-I-N-G! Beautiful, rosy, dewy skin is a combination of Using the correct…

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Natural versus Synthetic

By cynthiawhite / 09/12/2020 /

When it comes to treating acne topically, my clients have wanted to use natural plant-based products but will use anything that works! Considering acne can be such a socially isolating and emotionally debilitating condition to have, it is imperative that whatever you chose works to get you toward acne free skin! If your heart’s desire…

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man in black crew-neck shirt near brown wall

Best treatments for teen acne!

By cynthiawhite / 10/11/2020 /

Understanding the role skincare plays in treating teenage acne and how to buy the correct products for your child.

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Natural Remedies for Rosacea!

By cynthiawhite / 21/10/2020 /

I get many people at the markets asking me ’what are the best products for rosacea?’ The best rosacea treatment includes topical products, but also a deeper look at your total overall health so we can understand why you have rosacea. Mild to severe rosacea is a result of inflammation and irritation. To treat the…

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How to fix leaky gut to get your skin clear and fresh!

By cynthiawhite / 29/05/2020 /

Chances are that if you’re living with leaky gut, you might be feeling down right now. If you’re also experiencing acne due to leaky gut, life may seem even more challenging. Leaky GUT can be treated successfully and it involves more than phenomenal skincare to do this.  To get your skin clear and smooth you…

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Treating Hormonal Acne

By Erin Jeffery / 15/05/2020 /

We believe in honesty here at Indi Skin, and we know that skincare alone doesn’t resolve hormonal acne. However, we know that holistic skin health can, and we will show you how to get your skin bright, fresh and glowing. Treating hormonal acne can be difficult and it requires travelling down different pathways, and they…

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woman in black shirt with water droplets

How to cleanse sensitive skins

By Erin Jeffery / 28/04/2020 /

A simple way to soothe your skin and calm your soul Whether it’s sensitive skin, oily skin with clogged pores, acne or dry skin cleansing is the first essential step in your skincare routine. Those of us with stressed and sensitive skin understand that washing our face is a fundamental step in our skincare routine.…

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Indi Skin Balance

How to balance oily skin

By Erin Jeffery / 28/03/2020 /

There is a big difference between acne, oily and congested skin with clogged pores. If you understand the differences and what key ingredients to look out for, you can save precious time and money. No more wasting time researching key ingredients to treat acne, oily skin and blocked pores, no more wasting your money on…

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Stress and Acne

By Erin Jeffery / 13/03/2020 /

A simple way to soothe your skin and calm your soul Anyone who has experienced acne long enough will understand anxiety and stress exacerbate skin blemishes. Learning new and simple ways to calm yourself when feeling any life stress will inevitably help to calm your skin down too. Anxiety, worry and nervousness are all relatives…

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