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Cosmetic Acupuncture and what you need to know!

By cynthiawhite / 29/11/2021 /

Three things we’ve done to make Christmas shopping easier for you plus a free gift!

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Have you heard of the next BIG thing in BEAUTY?

By cynthiawhite / 09/11/2021 /

Learn new ways of delaing with anxiety and fear to help you navigate through the day.

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Photo of Hydrate product lines for dry ageing skin

When it comes to skincare LESS IS MORE!

By cynthiawhite / 06/05/2021 /

Do you have 20 half full bottles of skincare promising to wipe away wrinkles, hydrate your skin and cure your acne?  And all the while your wrinkles keep on coming, your skin remains dry as and your acne is the same or worse! You don’t need 20 half full bottles of skincare to get your…

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You DON’T need a million beauty products to get your skin glowing!!!!!!

By cynthiawhite / 30/03/2021 /

Okay so your beauty bag is bulging with products, your skincare ritual is getting longer, yet your skin has not improved or changed in anyway. What is H-A-P-P-E-N-I-N-G! It’s time to take stock (ha-ha) and learn what really makes skin beautiful, dewy and G-L-O-W-I-N-G! Beautiful, rosy, dewy skin is a combination of Using the correct…

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Natural Remedies for Rosacea!

By cynthiawhite / 21/10/2020 /

I get many people at the markets asking me ’what are the best products for rosacea?’ The best rosacea treatment includes topical products, but also a deeper look at your total overall health so we can understand why you have rosacea. Mild to severe rosacea is a result of inflammation and irritation. To treat the…

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Indi Skin Hydrate Skincare

Hydrated Beautiful Skin: What does it take!

By cynthiawhite / 23/09/2020 /

I used to feel like dry skin was the forgotten, unwanted skin condition.
Dry skin can be the annoyance of the past! I created the Hydrate range just for you and your skin.

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Remedy your Dry Skin with Massage!

By cynthiawhite / 07/08/2020 /

I absolutely love skincare products, but you need more than exceptional skincare to treat dry skin, ageing and sensitivities. Facial massage even if done once weekly has incredible benefits for anyone with dry skin and/or ageing skin and/or sensitivities. One of the most important benefits is the increase of red blood cells to the face.…

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Indi Skin Hydrate Masque

Do you still need to exfoliate dry skin?

By cynthiawhite / 09/07/2020 /

The answer is yes! You need to because dry skin still needs help to buff away dead, dry skin cells. It’s imperative your exfoliator has clean, quality ingredients that are specific for dry skin. Clay is no friend of anyone experiencing dry flaky skin and/or dry sore patches of rough skin. I realise some brands…

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Indi Skin Hydrate Skincare

How do you moisturise dry skin properly?

By cynthiawhite / 16/06/2020 /

It’s important to use products made specifically for dry skin, and to incorporate these with an excellent skincare routine. This routine is more of the method or way in which you apply your products so you can get the most benefit from them. The first method is to ensure you have damp skin when applying…

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Indi Skin Winter Face, Dry Skin

Saving your skin from “Winter Face”

By Erin Jeffery / 10/07/2018 /

Here are five tips to nourish your dull and dry “Winter Face”: If you’re like me and get very dry skin that you can actually feel crinkle when you wrinkle up your face then these tips are for you!! Take your make up off every night and ensure it is all off. You can double…

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