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Cosmetic Acupuncture and what you need to know!

By cynthiawhite / 29/11/2021 /

Three things we’ve done to make Christmas shopping easier for you plus a free gift!

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Three simple steps to relieve ANXIETY and FEAR.

By cynthiawhite / 06/09/2021 /

Learn new ways of delaing with anxiety and fear to help you navigate through the day.

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The truth in beauty

By cynthiawhite / 04/02/2021 /

I want you to have more than soft beautiful skin! Soft skin is one thing but beautiful skin, that my friend comes from the inside.

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What’s the best anti-aging product on the market?

By cynthiawhite / 25/11/2020 /

I think the answer will surprise you! You can age beautifully and feel like a million dollars! You just need to know how. First up we have skincare, and with skincare this depends on your individual skin type. If you use products that are aligned with your skin type, then your skin care will be…

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How do I start meditating?

By cynthiawhite / 14/08/2020 /

Learning to meditate begins with having a solid foundation so your practice can grow from strength to strength. Getting to know your body and where your organs are located is a helpful and practical place to start.

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Can Chinese medicine make me feel and look amazing!!

By cynthiawhite / 21/07/2020 /

Yes, and here is why, This medicine’s holistic approach toward total well being is the key to looking sensational and feeling sensational! Balance and harmony along with clear smooth skin is definitely achievable using the power of Chinese medicine. Great skin with true contentment comes from learning how to take care of the internal and…

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How can we look amazing as we age?

By Erin Jeffery / 18/10/2019 /

We are going to age and get older! While this may be daunting for some take comfort, as there are a heap of ways we can go through this inevitable process looking, and feeling amazing. We can all achieve this if we take a holistic approach to ageing. This is fun and enjoyable to do…

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How does stress affect you and your skin?

By Erin Jeffery / 08/10/2019 /

Stress is a hot emotion- the inner agitation mixed with the heat causes internal dryness. The effect leaves our skin dull and dry. What’s worse though is that inner feeling that we look shocking. This is because we feel crusty and dry. Holistic skincare means that we can always treat the outside by looking on…

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We choose sustainable packaging!!!

By Erin Jeffery / 29/09/2019 /

We were going to share this in a few weeks but considering the current global wave of awesome protests on climate change we thought sharing this now would be perfect! We are very excited 😆 as we have finally decided what we will use to package our natural, vegan and cruelty-free products in! All the…

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How to Treat Hand Eczema Naturally

By Erin Jeffery / 16/09/2019 /

Spring has sprung as has dry, itchy and cracked skin! My hands get particularly hammered all year round. Nursing plus clinic work has me washing my hands and using hand sanitiser pretty much constantly. One of the mums at school Emma* contacted me to see if I could help her son-Luke* with his atopic hand…

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