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How to get better results from cosmetic acupuncture

By Erin Jeffery / 23/08/2019 /

Recently, some celebrities have been supporting facial acupuncture for anti-ageing. This is a terrific holistic and non-toxic way of slowing down the delicate aging process. When done correctly these customised beauty treatments offer outstanding and long-lasting results. To experience these results, it is so important that you get your treatments from an acupuncturist that specialises…

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What is collagen induction therapy?

By Erin Jeffery / 07/11/2018 /

‘Collagen induction therapy’ is the new buzz term flying around so what does this term actually mean, how does it happen, what can it do for my skin health??? To stimulate collagen, you need to penetrate the skin causing a micro-trauma. Two things occur when you penetrate the skin’s surface: Two things occur when you…

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Indi Skin Antioxidants

A powerful antioxidant for drinking and putting on your skin.

By Erin Jeffery / 23/11/2017 /

Welcome green tea! Antioxidants are great for our organs and our skin, but why? Basically antioxidants combat oxidants. But, still why are they good for us? Oxidisation is a natural process that occurs on the inside and outside of our bodies. Similar to how a bike begins to rust or fruit turns brown. The process…

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