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Do you still need to exfoliate dry skin?

The answer is yes! You need to because dry skin still needs help to buff away dead, dry skin cells.

It’s imperative your exfoliator has clean, quality ingredients that are specific for dry skin.

Clay is no friend of anyone experiencing dry flaky skin and/or dry sore patches of rough skin.

I realise some brands and companies claim certain clay’s are beneficial for ‘sensitive skins’ and ‘dry skins’. However, clay will make dry skin even drier, and due to the sensitive nature of dry skin clay’s, are likely to irritate the skin.

So, what ingredients should an exfoliator for dry skin have?

Gentle ingredients such as malic (apple) acid, colloidal oatmeal, rice powder and jojoba beads will gently buff away dead skin cells while respecting your skin’s hydration levels.

Coconut powder, calendula and liquorice will prevent moisture loss and calm the sore, rough patches of skin.

Exfoliating with gentle ingredients helps to slough off the dry patches revealing the soft, smooth skin underneath.

Your skin shouldn’t feel stripped and tight- it should feel softer and smoother.

After exfoliating apply a natural, non-toxic serum. Quality serums deliver hydrating ingredients into the deeper layers of your skin. Providing deep nourishment to the underneath layers of the skin.

Follow with either a Hydrating creme, silky oil Elixir, or overnight Hydrating Masque to ensure your skin gets the sustenance it needs for maintaining moisture.

Happy exfoliating X

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