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Hydrated Beautiful Skin: What does it take!

I hear you, beautiful woman!

Why does beautiful, hydrated skin seem so hard to achieve?

I used to have extra dry, dull, flaky skin with dry patches on my cheeks and occasionally around my eyes.

Disappointing to say the least, and this word describes exactly how I felt about the many products I bought to remedy my dry skin.

I never found an entire range to combat my rough skin. They were either too thick, non-absorbing, or just ineffective.

Armed with both my Chinese and western medicine education I began creating a genius east meets west skincare range for extra dry skin!

This was the first vision for the Indi Skin Hydrate range. A.W.E.S.O.M.E.

It was incredibly important to me that the range be effective, worked in synergy with the skin, was natural, fresh, small batch made and cruelty free.  

We tested all products on my dry, sensitive skin. If anything stung or was ineffective, it didn’t make the cut.

Hello, soft, supple skin (happy dance)

Now, I couldn’t be happier with the Hydrate range or my skin. I have bright, fresh looking clear skin and even though I’m getting older, I get comments on how beautiful my skin is.

No more dry, rough patches-unless we go snowboarding, but I now have the right products to remedy this so my skin doesn’t get red and sore from the wind and cold temperatures.  

I used to feel like dry skin was the forgotten, unwanted skin condition.


Dry skin can be the annoyance of the past! I created the Hydrate range just for you and your skin.


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