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Exfoliating and what you should know!

Watch the video or read about it here!

Three things we’ve done to make Christmas shopping easier for you plus a free gift!

Christmas is coming and before we know it Santa will be coming down the chimney and leaving presents for those of us that have been good – not sure I’ll be getting any.

So what are the three things we have done to make Christmas easier for my fellow fun-loving skincare enthusiasts I decided to do three things

  1. A talk on the balance exfoliating masque so people know what it’s all about, feel confident to either stuff it in their or someone else’s stocking  
  2. Provide everything you need if you do want to buy this for someone’s stocking – wrapped, sealed, and delivered with a card for you to write on
  3. A surprise gift for you that will complement the products you purchased

When’s the next chat on products – I can’t wait HA!

I will do another talk on the Hydrate exfoliator soon – the hardest thing for me when doing these videos on the products is that I have so much to say but I need stick with a lose script otherwise the videos will be an hour long and really boring for everyone but me.

Keep smiling and Happy Shopping


How do I get bright fresh skin?

By working with me!

To have and maintain healthy, fresh glowing skin that emanates from within there has to be thought, effort and intention put into skincare rituals, dietary practices, lifestyle choices.

Great skin health doesn’t just happen, and it takes MORE than just great skincare.  

Where can I get help?

We can work together in so many ways to get you bright, fresh, clean healthy skin that glows from within.

What are my skin treatment options?

  • Skin health treatments include,
  • Cosmetic acupuncture
  • Prescription Chinese herbal formulas
  • Skincare protocols outlining how and when you should be using your skincare
  • Facial gua sha
  • Facial cupping
  • LED light
  • Fruit enzyme masks
  • Body acupuncture
  • Nutritional packages for optimal metabolic functioning
  • Individualised lifestyle packages with guidance on how to incorporate calming practices to suit you and your daily life

How do I book?

Use the contact form on the website.

Or email me at [email protected]


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