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How can we look amazing as we age?

We are going to age and get older! While this may be daunting for some take comfort, as there are a heap of ways we can go through this inevitable process looking, and feeling amazing.

We can all achieve this if we take a holistic approach to ageing. This is fun and enjoyable to do because it will make you feel and look fantastic.

Firstly, what you put on your skin isn’t enough for healthy glowing skin. Sure, this is very important but it’s only half the picture. Choosing skincare that corresponds with your skin and personality or beliefs is incredibly important, and I will save this for another blog.

Secondly what’s of equal or of more importance (I believe) is what you eat, drink and think.

Let’s start with food- this is an enormous subject so to simplify it lets just look at what is off the list and it’s the usual- refined, sugary foods and drinks. We all know what junk food is, we all know what vegetables and fruits are, so eat more of them 😊.

What is missing in most diet regimes is how you eat, again, so important. There a few simple rules about how you eat:

  1. Don’t eat if you are upset or angry
  2. Try and eat with friends and family
  3. Don’t eat at your desk or on the run
  4. Chew your food properly
  5. No munching late at night. Night-time is for your body to regenerate and clean your blood
  6. There’s an old Chinese saying, ‘one-third food, one-third water, one-third air’. This means that you are not to eat until you are bursting at your seams

Most of us understand that excessive alcohol, soft drink, tea coffee etc- basically anything but water in large amounts is not great. Actually, when we were at uni studying Chinese medicine our teachers said that anything in moderation was fine. In fact, if you wanted chocolate or wine this is okay.

What’s imbalanced or not ideal is wanting to eat the whole block of chocolate and drink the whole bottle of wine.

What you think is another enormous subject and I will do another blog on this because, again, so, so important.

What I can share simply is this. Smiling into your heart so you can actually feel the warmth and radiance of the heart will not only make you feel happy and full of love, it will affect everyone you. We all know when someone is in a bad mood before they even speak- that’s because we feel their energy.

Fake it until you make it doesn’t always work initially, but if you keep doing it your happiness will come back quicker.

As with most aspects of preventative health and health care it’s a multi-pronged approach and involves more than one method.

These are some good principles to live by-anything that increases the amount of love in this world is a great thing X

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