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How do you moisturise dry skin properly?

It’s important to use products made specifically for dry skin, and to incorporate these with an excellent skincare routine. This routine is more of the method or way in which you apply your products so you can get the most benefit from them.

The first method is to ensure you have damp skin when applying your products. This helps to lock in extra moisture, delivering even more hydration into your skin. If your skin dries up between product application, you can use a light spritz of a moisturising facial tonic to help keep your skin moist.

When progressing through your skincare routine towards the heavier products such as nourishing creams, oil blends, or overnight masks its best to apply these in thin layers. Wait until each layer has absorbed before applying another layer.

Dry skin needs a little extra love and pampering. Implementing slight changes into your skincare routine can have an extremely powerful effect on the hydration levels of your skin.

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