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How does stress affect you and your skin?

Stress is a hot emotion- the inner agitation mixed with the heat causes internal dryness. The effect leaves our skin dull and dry. What’s worse though is that inner feeling that we look shocking. This is because we feel crusty and dry.

Holistic skincare means that we can always treat the outside by looking on the inside to see what’s really happening in there.
So, what can we do to quench our inner dryness and calm the heat caused by our stress?

Well, when you wake up in the morning start with 2 glasses of water with a squeeze of lemon and a pinch of salt. I know this sounds a bit gross-I tried this on my 7-year-old son who spat ‘that’s disgusting’. I thought I should see how it went though. These two little extra’s enable your cells to access the water better – meaning the water is propelled or pumped into your intracellular fluid instead of hanging out on the outside of the cell.

Also, eating more watery foods such as cucumber, celery, berries and lettuce will hydrate you more because of the other minerals found in these foods. They help your body absorb the water much better than if you drink just water alone.

But, what about stress management to help prevent the heat and consumption of fluids in the first place? I could seriously write a whole book on stress and stress management, but I won’t (lucky you), I will finish with the basic concept of breathing. If you can remember, take your mind down to and behind your belly button, and breathe with your stomach regularly throughout the day. This has a dual effect of distracting you and making you stop using your head and the upper part of your body so much. Taking your energy downward even if it’s only for 15 seconds every few hours will have a very calming, and cooling effect on your whole body.

High five if you made this to very end x

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