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How to balance oily skin

There is a big difference between acne, oily and congested skin with clogged pores. If you understand the differences and what key ingredients to look out for, you can save precious time and money.

No more wasting time researching key ingredients to treat acne, oily skin and blocked pores, no more wasting your money on ineffective products.
Acne is typically defined by consistent breakouts on your face, chest and/or back accompanied with deep red skin, sore lesions, pustules, irritation and these can be itchy.

Treating acne successfully is much more involved and requires herbal medicines, lifestyle and diet adjustments.

Congested skin looks dull, thickened, oily, can be red with blackheads, whiteheads and occasional pimples.

Quality skincare products combined with a good routine and knowing how to use your products will balance oil production, brighten your complexion and clear congestion.

Here at Indi Skin we believe that natural products made with plant-derived ingredients are far superior for treating congested skin and balancing oil production.

We have an original and unique blend of western and eastern botanicals that have been used for centuries to treat red, hot, irritated skin. Here are some western key ingredients to look out for in your products; white willow bark, papaya, liquorice, pineapple extracts. These will buff away dead skin cells to prevent clogging of pores, leaving your skin feeling fresh, polished and soft.

Other key ingredients such as oats, niacinamide, green tea, aloe vera extract will soothe and brighten skin while balancing oil production.

Our unique blend of eastern herbal extracts will detoxify skin through their antibacterial properties, decrease inflammation to reduce red, hot skin, and move any stagnation that cause congestion and redness.


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