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How to cleanse sensitive skins

A simple way to soothe your skin and calm your soul

Whether it’s sensitive skin, oily skin with clogged pores, acne or dry skin cleansing is the first essential step in your skincare routine.

Those of us with stressed and sensitive skin understand that washing our face is a fundamental step in our skincare routine.

The method or process of how we wash our face is important, but the product we choose must have the precise balance of ingredients, so our skin feels refreshed, renewed and soft.

The following suggestions for washing your face apply to everybody.

Night-time is for winding down and offers us the opportunity to make a little extra effort toward pampering ourselves. This is can be helpful after a stressful or hectic day.

Cleanse your face gently yet thoroughly, ensuring you get the product onto your nose, sides of your nose, eyebrows and neck. When the product washes away, imagine the stresses of the day washing off you too.

For all skins, double cleansing at night will prepare your skin for the products you apply to your face afterwards.

Congested, oily, sensitive and acne skins should cleanse in the morning.
It’s best if the water is warm and that you’re gentle when moving the product on your face.

Dry and sensitive skin can enjoy a morning cleanse.

If you have applied an overnight masque wash off with lukewarm water and a cloth. If your skin has absorbed up all of your product from the night before, washing with warm water and a cloth may be enough.

Removing all the cleanser ensuring there’s no residual product left will not only reinforce the actives in the products you use after but will prevent product build up on your face.

Not removing all of the cleanser will contribute to a continuation of clogged pores and dry flaky skin.

Choosing your product can be challenging, but here are a few guidelines to follow:

  • If your cleanser is drying your skin, then it is not the right cleanser for you, even if you have oily, congested skin,
  • If your cleanser leaves your skin feeling tight, then it is too drying
  • If your skin is becoming more congested after using the cleanser for two weeks, it’s time to change.

Products need time to work. Balancing sensitive troubled skin can take more than a few days. When you have the correct cleanser for your skin type and use it properly, you are well on the way toward achieving the skin you want and deserve.

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