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How to control your acne during these steamy months!

Summer is coming and for a lot of my clients and customers this makes them very anxious. The warmer weather can mean more oiliness and breakouts.

Nurturing your skin and the care you give yourself during these steamy months is crucial.

A natural facewash with natural actives will keep your skin feeling and looking balanced, calm and fresh.

Looking after your gut and mind health is another crucial step toward bright and clean looking skin.

Acne is typically an internal imbalance so, taking care of your inner health can be the difference between your acne coming back or your acne worsening.

Here are 3 very simple steps you can take to control your acne, and keep your skin looking polished and smooth:

  1. Choose a natural and gentle facewash. Washing your face twice at night and once in the morning is a good routine to have. If your facewash is gentle washing your face this often won’t be problematic. Don’t forget to wash around the sides of your nose!
  2. Get a probiotic from a natural health food store. The ones that you need to ask for. They are usually locked in a cabinet and the staff at these shops tend to have some qualifications regarding gut health. There are numerous pro-biotics out there – you need to make sure you are taking the correct type and that there are enough bacteria present
  3. Sleep. Good quality sleep is more important than the duration of sleep

Holistic skin health in the true sense is taking care of your mind, body, spirit and skin!

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