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How to get better results from cosmetic acupuncture

Recently, some celebrities have been supporting facial acupuncture for anti-ageing. This is a terrific holistic and non-toxic way of slowing down the delicate aging process. When done correctly these customised beauty treatments offer outstanding and long-lasting results.

To experience these results, it is so important that you get your treatments from an acupuncturist that specialises in cosmetic or facial acupuncture. Your results will be dramatically different if you get your treatments done by a regular acupuncturist.

Why is this though? Understanding the function of the facial muscles means your practitioner can give you the result you are after. Not every muscle in the cheek area will lift cheeks to reduce the nasolabial fold that deepens with age. There are certain small facial muscles that will lift these folds when needled. The same can be said about marionette lines down that travel from the sides of the mouth downwards. Targeted micro needle therapy into the relevant muscle is where you will get the amazing results cosmetic acupuncture can give.

So, what exactly are the benefits and results you should be expecting from your cosmetic acupuncture sessions:

  • Reduced wrinkles and softened lines. Not just the crows feet but also the nasolabial folds and marionette creases. In fact, any wrinkle, crease or fold can be lifted and softened.
  • Lifting and sagging neck, jaw and chin.
  • More definition to your face.
  • Evened out complexion.
  • Improved skin health.
  • Improved internal health – Even if you don’t get body acupuncture your practitioner will be filled with knowledge, and suggestions that you can choose to incorporate into your life if you want to. Dietary recommendations, lifestyle advice and meditation techniques are just a few of the subjects that are commonly discussed throughout the treatments.

All of these contribute to how you look and more importantly how you feel. If you feel beautiful on the inside, you will radiate that beauty outward-you can’t fake that because it’s authentic, genuine and real.

These results will happen over a series of treatments and if maintained monthly will dramatically slow down the aging process both internally and externally.

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