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How do I start meditating?

So, you’re determined that it’s time to meditate and become more mindful!

Perhaps fuelling this determination is feeling frustrated and irritated, experiencing poor health, poor skin health, or maybe you just want a more harmonious life?

Meditating regularly can help ease irritation, balance out emotions, get you through the tough times and bring you better health, and better skin!!!! 😊

But where and how do you start this journey?

The internet and social can seem so overwhelming, conflicting and loud.

You might wonder if you’re even doing it properly.

Having somewhere solid to start when learning mindful meditative practices will ensure your journey onwards goes from strength to strength.

One aim of meditation is to know your body, understand how it feels when it’s in good health or bad. Such as learning when you have an emotion stuck in an organ that you can’t seem to let go of, or realising when an organ is heavy and stressed.

A practical and helpful way to begin your meditative journey is to learn where your internal organs are located. You won’t be able to feel the energy of your organs if you don’t know where they live.  

Once you understand where your organs are located you can take your mind into that organ and learn when it feels out of balance.

Realistically it can take weeks to feel the energy of your organs, but it is crucial for really getting to know your own body.

There will be times when your mind is so busy that you can hardly focus and that is perfectly okay. One key for successful meditation is doing it regularly, even if it’s only for 5 minutes daily.

Enjoy getting to know yourself and your body, it’s yours, be proud of it and love it!!!

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