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How to Treat Hand Eczema Naturally

Spring has sprung as has dry, itchy and cracked skin! My hands get particularly hammered all year round. Nursing plus clinic work has me washing my hands and using hand sanitiser pretty much constantly.

One of the mums at school Emma* contacted me to see if I could help her son-Luke* with his atopic hand dermatitis or eczema. I had spoken with her previously about the products Indi Skin uses for skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis.

Luke’s hands were red, cracked, sore and very dry. (The combination of cold and washing his hands hit his hands hard). As you can see from the picture it looks painful and it was.

Emma* tried conventional creams from the chemist however these left Luke* with a burning sensation so he couldn’t use them. They did try one natural brand; however, this made no difference and offered no relief.

Emma* sent me the picture of Luke’s* hands on Sunday night. I knew just what product he needed. Indi Skin ‘Soothe Eczema Cream’. This unique formulation is a combination of Chinese herbs designed to reduce redness, moisten dryness, generate flesh to heal the sores, and cracks in the skin.

The after photo was taken Wednesday night and everybody is incredibly happy with the results. As you can see Luke’s* hands look amazing and this transformation only took 3 days. He’s such a lovely young boy and healing Luke’s* hand dermatitis makes me feel, well, just awesome, and it’s why I do what I do, and I love what I do.

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