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Natural Remedies for Rosacea!

I get many people at the markets asking me ’what are the best products for rosacea?’

The best rosacea treatment includes topical products, but also a deeper look at your total overall health so we can understand why you have rosacea.

Mild to severe rosacea is a result of inflammation and irritation.

To treat the root casue involves looking at your overall health.

Rosacea Skincare

Rosacea skincare must be gentle and natural with key ingredients to balance the skin.

Look for products that made specifically for sensitive skin and ALWAYS check the label to see if there are any harsh ingredients.

Products need to have ingredients that will improve redness and soothe the skin, while balancing moisture levels.

Rosacea skincare products should have at least some of the following ingredients;

Green tea – anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, balances skin

Liquorice root – anti-inflammatory

Seaweed collagen – anti-inflammatory

Aloe – soothing and hydrating

Cucumber – cooling, soothing and anti-inflammatory

Papaya – gently exfoliates and hydrates

Kakadu Plum–hydrating

Quandong – anti-inflammatory

Jojoba – hydrating, balancing and will not clog pores

Oats – hydrating and anti-inflammatory

Jasmine – anti-inflammatory

Marigold – anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial

Dong Quai – hydrating and anti-inflammatory

Purple Gromwell – anti-inflammatory and balancing

Rehmannia Root – Anti-inflammatory and calming

Diet and Lifestyle

Mild to severe rosacea will improve dramatically from diet and lifestyle adjustments.

Foods that increase redness are those that are ‘hot’ in nature. So, hot spicy foods and spices. Greasy foods. Highly refined and denatured foods. Overeating. Alcohol. Excessive coffee.

Enjoy fresh, cooling foods.

In fact, some beneficial ingredients found in skincare are also great for cooling your system such as cucumber!

Berries, celery, lettuce, actually any green vegetable will all improve your internal heat and improve your skin.

Lightly stir fry your food or steam. Avoid baking as it is such a drying way to prepare food and will dry you out too!

Stress worsens skin imbalances and creates more internal heat within your body.

Having some tips and resources at hand for when you need to cool off is imperative for internal balance.

If you’re having a stressful time, take some time out!!!

Set an alarm on your phone for every hour or every two hours and give yourself 5-10 deep breaths. Take your mind downward-think about the area just under and behind your belly button (dan tian).

This allows you to take a break from your own thoughts and even though it’s only for 60 seconds, it will make a massive difference to your overall well-being.

It’s always the last thing you feel like doing when stressed and upset, BUT it is the best thing to do!

Internal Medicine

Chinese medicine sees rosacea as an internal condition that arises from either dry heat or damp heat.

Being an internal condition means that we give our patients herbal formulas designed to clear heat and transform any dampness if its present.

I always recommend diet and lifestyle adjustments, along with effective topical formulations.

If you suffer from mild to severe rosacea, please implement the above suggestions, however, if you need more help please reach out.

I’m available for private online skin consultations – contact me using any of the details at the bottom of the webpage


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