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Natural versus Synthetic

When it comes to treating acne topically, my clients have wanted to use natural plant-based products but will use anything that works!

Considering acne can be such a socially isolating and emotionally debilitating condition to have, it is imperative that whatever you chose works to get you toward acne free skin!

If your heart’s desire is to use natural, plant-based cruelty free products for your acne, I’m here to tell you CAN!!!!!!!!!!

Skincare for acne needs to clean, treat, prevent, and protect!

Skincare designed for acne should,

·       Kill the bacteria associated with acne- (P. Acne).

·       Take down the angry redness (erythema) to calm the skin.

·       Clean dirt, oil, makeup, and pollution without stripping your skin. Your face should never feel tight and dry.

Plant based products can do all these things just as efficiently as synthetic and medicated products can.

Our Indi Skin balance range has key ingredients such as,

Rosemary extract: antibacterial

Eastern botanicals: anti-bacterial, calming and exfoliating

Coconut powder: hydrating and protective

Liquorice: soothing and brightening

Niacinamide (B3): regulates oil flow

Oats: decrease redness, exfoliates, and protects the skin from environmentaldamage

Brown rice powder: Decreases redness, hydrating and protective

Pineapple: buffs away dead skin cells very gently

White willow bark: Natural salicylic acid

Jojoba oil: regulates oil production, hydrating and protective

Our beautiful 100% natural, plant-based skincare range has you covered for treating acne.

Our products will clean, treat, prevent and protect to give you calmer, cleaner skin, and with all our key ingredients your skin can repair.  

Now that you have your skin care routine covered, it’s time to look inward and to the root cause of your acne.

You can start by looking through our acne and natural living blogs, paying particular attention to the blog on ‘Treating hormonal acne’. There is advice in there on how to choose a practitioner that is the right fit for you.

Good luck


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