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When it comes to skincare LESS IS MORE!

Do you have 20 half full bottles of skincare promising to wipe away wrinkles, hydrate your skin and cure your acne?  And all the while your wrinkles keep on coming, your skin remains dry as and your acne is the same or worse!

You don’t need 20 half full bottles of skincare to get your skin clear, dewy, and glowing.

You need a skincare prescription for your skin, plus some handy lifestyle and dietary suggestions to get your total wellbeing back to equilibrium.

Let’s just accept the limitations of skincare but agree it’s still a necessary component that contributes to your overall health, and wellbeing.     

Click on the start here tab and choose your skin type – you’ll be taken care of from there XX

Our trial packs are the best place to start, they don’t cost a lot of money and there is enough product in them for you to know whether they are for you or not.

Once you purchase a trial pack a skincare prescription is emailed through to you.

This ensures you get the most out of your awesome new skincare ritual.

You’ll quickly learn how and when to use your products but never fear, if you forget you can easily access your personalised skincare prescription and it’ll be there clear as crystal.  

There are, however two caveats with the Indi Skin products

  1. The balance range will not cure your acne. It will not make it worse, and it will take down some of the redness, BUT to resolve your acne you will need more than skincare
  2. If anything is unclear for you, please reach out using any of the contact details on the webpage.

Indi Skin products do deliver BUT it’s imperative you use them correctly otherwise you and your skin will not receive the full benefits of the Indi Skin ranges.

Also, read the blogs on the website – videos will be coming soon because I know people are getting over reading. But, for now have a read so you can learn the art, tricks and tips to soothe your skin and nourish your soul


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