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Remedy your Dry Skin with Massage!

I absolutely love skincare products, but you need more than exceptional skincare to treat dry skin, ageing and sensitivities.

Facial massage even if done once weekly has incredible benefits for anyone with dry skin and/or ageing skin and/or sensitivities.

One of the most important benefits is the increase of red blood cells to the face. This is because of the oxygen and other nutrients found in red blood cells.

So, when fresh nutrient dense oxygenated blood comes to the face, the old blood leaves. This gives your skin a fresh and beautiful glowing radiance.

When you massage your face, you also relieve the tension and stress that has built up within the muscle structure. This releasing of stress allows the muscle to relax, plump up to hold structure, giving your face a lift.

The product to use when massaging your face should be clean, nontoxic and have a balm like consistency.

A balm like consistency is a product that contains no water. Balms are a blend of butters, oils and waxes.

These products when worked into the skin will hydrate your skin in the deeper layers.

If you aren’t sure how to massage your face, here’s a link to get you started.

Massaging your face will become an enjoyable ritual and you will recognise which muscles are tense, and learn to spend more time releasing that tension.

Take some before and after photo’s so you notice the difference. Sometimes, it takes two days for the difference to appear.


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