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Saving your skin from “Winter Face”

Here are five tips to nourish your dull and dry “Winter Face”:

If you’re like me and get very dry skin that you can actually feel crinkle when you wrinkle up your face then these tips are for you!!

  1. Take your make up off every night and ensure it is all off. You can double cleanse instead of buying another product, plus you want to ensure your makeup remover isn’t full of drying ingredients. Do this even if you think all of your makeup has worn off because you want to rid the pollution and grime of the day off your face.
  2. Do a moisturising mask twice a week and really massage your face when applying your mask. This will get your blood flowing and release facial muscle tension. Make sure you have a clean face so the mask can get to your skin. If you haven’t cleaned your face the mask won’t be able to penetrate through to the skin surface.
  3. Use 100% jojoba oil morning and night, and if you are extra dry and some camellia seed oil to the jojoba oil. Camellia seed oil is amazing, full of anti-oxidants and is sooo incredibly moisturising. It feels silky smooth going onto your skin and it won’t clog your pores. The beauty of using these two products is that you don’t need to cleanse in the morning because they don’t clog your skin. I rarely use any moisturiser now and it’s due to these two fantastic oils and the nourishing properties they have.
  4. Use a facial spritzer that has real moisturising and active ingredients and isn’t just floral water. Look for spritzers with ingredients such as green tea extract, hylarounic acid and/or aloe vera juice. You can carry facial spritzers around in your handbag and you can use them regularly to help keep your face supple, soft and moisturised.
  5. Being a holistic practitioner, and doctor of Chinese medicine I couldn’t possibly ignore the interior aspects that affect the skin. I’m only going to suggest one tip and believe me, I could write pages on food to feed your skin but I’ll save that for another blog. This will be tough for some because a lot of you like to start the day with a coffee and I’m here to suggest to well, stop. The first drink of the morning should be considered an ‘elixir’ of sorts or a cleanser to start the day. Something fresh, clean and pure is what I’m suggesting. Infused green tea, bone broth, vegetable soup broth, lemon with warm water, apple cider vinegar with warm water are just a few. Make sure your morning drink is warm and give it ten minutes to travel down your oesophagus and hit your stomach before eating or drinking anything else.

There is 1 more tip that I’m sure you’re all aware of and that is to wear sunscreen rain, hail, snow or shine!

These are 5 + 1 simple tips that I have incorporated into my skin care regime that have made a significant impact to the look and feel of my skin.

The morning elixir and camellia seed oil have seriously made the most significant contribution that has addressed both the external and internal aspects to make my skin much healthier!

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