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Stress and Acne

A simple way to soothe your skin and calm your soul

Anyone who has experienced acne long enough will understand anxiety and stress exacerbate skin blemishes.

Learning new and simple ways to calm yourself when feeling any life stress will inevitably help to calm your skin down too.

Anxiety, worry and nervousness are all relatives of stress. All increase heat in the body. This heat rises upward, making acne hotter, redder and more inflamed.

So, what can we do?

We take our three minds into one – it’s very simple and here is how you do it.

Your three minds are:

  1. Your brain
  2. Your heart
  3. Your dan tian- is approx. 2cm below your belly button on the inside of your body

When you’re feeling the heat, you will notice it’s all in the upper part of your body, such as your brain, head, neck and upper chest. We need to move this down to the dan tian area.

You can close your eyes to do this or just imagine it – remember where your mind goes, your energy goes.

You can imagine swallowing some of your senses – eyes, ears, nose, and as the energy goes downward, you can take your heart down too.

The reason for this is that all emotions affect your heart, making the heart extra hot, so we need to protect our middle brain (heart) from this extra heat.

When we take the heat and energy downward, we are instantaneously distracted from whatever is stressing us out, and this also has a calming effect on our system.

The three minds into one practice is one of the first meditative practices I learned, and I still use it every day and particularly in tricky situations.

The more it’s done, the more powerfully calming and soothing it is.

When we are trying to heal our skin, sometimes the inside is the forgotten part. We are here to remind you that health comprises your mind, body and spirit.

Becoming aware and friends with your body again is truly such an important step toward total healing and total health.

Thank you so much if you read this to the very end- hope it helps you in any small way.

P.S. There will be a future blog with more developed practices that teach you how to utilise your three brains, so your upper brain isn’t being used for every difficult situation. Using your upper brain all the time is exhausting.

References-please use the links, they are helpful.


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