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The truth in beauty

I want you to have more than soft beautiful skin!

Soft skin is one thing but beautiful skin, that my friend comes from the inside.

So, how do you get your skin vibrantly glowing from the inside?

You learn how to fill your heart with love for yourself and everyone around you!

It may sound silly and simple but it’s NOT.

Love leads to compassion, empathy and kindness, and this is what makes beautiful people.

I know it’s sounds counter intuitive, a skincare brand saying beauty doesn’t come in a bottle, well, it doesn’t.

You can’t buy beauty or become beautiful from a bottle of face cream, serum or lotion.  

So, how do you fill you heart with love?

When you remember smile into your heart, it only takes a second or you can sit and stay with it longer, which I recommend doing throughout the day.

Your heart sits slightly to the left at the central part of your chest.

You can feel it beating and you will notice when you feel it that it sits a bit to the left.

Think about your favourite person or place – somewhere that’s calm for you and fills you with warmth.

After a while you won’t need to think of any person or place, and you will be able to call upon this helpful little tip wherever you are.

Let me know how you go and if you need any more help reach out.

Your Holistic Hydration Queen


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