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Three simple steps to relieve ANXIETY and FEAR.

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What is anxiety?

Fear, shame, grief, anger, worry all relate to anxiety and move us away from positive experiences and positive thoughts.

High functioning anxiety looks great from the outside in the sense that you may seem as if you are achieving a lot and holding it all together, but it’s at the expense of your mental health.

I want to share with you some simple steps that are easy to implement into your daily life and will have a profound positive impact on your mental health.

The key is remembering you have this incredibly quick resource up your sleeve when you need it.

What you’ll need

  • Essential oils
  • Yourself

Three essential oils combined with three simple steps you can take to create and facilitate an environment of calm

Essential oils and breath work

How and why do they work

  • Nice smells remind you to breathe and breathing is the easiest and oldest way to regulate your autonomic nervous system (ANS) and move you out of fight, flight or freeze mode
  • Smelling brings us out of our heads and back to the present – stops you from going to a dark places and dark thoughts
  • Brings you back to the moment and gets you out of your head
  • Helps you to let go and relax
  • Provides you with an anchor after a hard day

The oils

  • Ylang Ylang – calming and sedative decrease heart rate and reduce fear
  • Lavender – decrease heart rate and blood pressure. Soothing
  • Bergamot – calming and sedative. Good for chronic fear

If those three aren’t to your liking any of the woody scents will ground, you and help to get you out of your head.

I know we all know how to breathe, but there are simple techniques to incorporate into your breath work that will give you instant calm and relief.

Steps for instant calm and relief

  1. Regulatory breathing every hour or two

What is regulatory breathing

  • Breath in for three seconds, hold for three, breathe out for as long as you what but for at least five seconds
  • Repeat as often as necessary  

When breathing

2. Take your mind to your dan tian

  • This area is located behind and underneath your belly button
  • Swallow and take your mind with your swallowing
  • Place your hand here if you like
  • Gets you out of your head

3. Smile into your heart

  • Smiling needs to be with your eyes not your lips
  • Feel the smile in your heart
  • Imagine a favourite person or place to help generate an authentic smile

I know these steps seem very basic and they are, this is the beauty of it.

Simple and effective.

If you’d like more help please reach out using any of the contact details at the bottom of the webpage and if you know of anyone who could benefit from this please share.


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