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Treating Hormonal Acne

We believe in honesty here at Indi Skin, and we know that skincare alone doesn’t resolve hormonal acne.

However, we know that holistic skin health can, and we will show you how to get your skin bright, fresh and glowing.

Treating hormonal acne can be difficult and it requires travelling down different pathways, and they all lead to clear, smooth healthy skin.

Pathway Number 1: It’s important to remove all potential hormone disruptors from your life.

Hormone disruptors can affect your immune system, your menstrual cycles, and oil production just to name a few. Here’s a link to a list of hormone disruptors,

By moving toward a more natural lifestyle, using non-toxic products on your skin and around your home will eliminate any potential hormone disruptors.

Pathway Number 2: Enjoying a healthy diet, meditating regularly and learning some calming practices will improve your overall wellbeing, and support your hormonal system.

Pathway Number 3: You will need internal medicine from either a Chinese medicine doctor or naturopath. Just pick one of these and use the guidelines below to choose your practitioner. You can during COVID 19 have over the phone consults for herbs and supplements and have these delivered to your door!

  1. Book into a Chinese herbal doctor. Make sure they specialise in skin/dermatology or just acne alone. Treating hormonal acne especially when caused by PCOS is complex and it takes a properly trained clinician to successfully treat you.
  2. Book into a naturopath and choose your clinician using the above guidelines.

Pathway Number 4: Maintain pathways two and three after your skin is crystal clear, dewy and healthy otherwise your hormones may end up back where they were.

Remember acne realistically takes months to heal so try to be patient because if you stick with these pathways you can have the skin you want and the skin you deserve.

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