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We choose sustainable packaging!!!

We were going to share this in a few weeks but considering the current global wave of awesome protests on climate change we thought sharing this now would be perfect!

We are very excited 😆 as we have finally decided what we will use to package our natural, vegan and cruelty-free products in!

All the products apart from the cleanser will be in amber glass. The cleanser bottle can be recycled, reused or refilled once we open to market trading.

We couldn’t use glass for the cleanser bottle as the pump doesn’t screw onto a glass bottle properly and the product leaks out. We have tried and tested many glass bottles.

This decision was made after considering the impact our packaging will have on the environment.

We hadn’t really thought about skin care and makeup packaging prior to creating our own skin care range.

There were and still are aspects to Indi Skin that are fundamental and integral to us. Two of these include:

  1. Creating a product that actually works so we are not just polluting the planet with ineffective skincare
  2. Minimising as much as possible the impact our product will have on Mother Earth

We decided to research the total lifecycle of aluminium, plastic and glass. We needed to understand how these materials are made and where they might end up.

This is what we discovered:


  • Creates toxic fumes from inception
  • Is least likely to be recycled
  • Can end up in the ocean-well, more likely to
  • Can’t be sterilised and reused
  • Never disintegrates or bio-degradable or we don’t know, so why risk it


  • Creates toxic fumes while being made
  • Must mine the earth to create it
  • Can’t be sterilised and reused
  • More likely than plastic to be recycled but isn’t always


  • Does create some toxic fumes but compared to plastic or aluminium this is minimal
  • More likely to be recycled
  • Can be sterilised and reused

We realise that our products may potentially sell better in plastic bottles put into pretty boxes, but we just couldn’t bend our thoughts and feelings on this one. Minimal packaging for us so we can be proud of the product inside the bottle and the bottle itself.

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