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What is collagen induction therapy?

‘Collagen induction therapy’ is the new buzz term flying around so what does this term actually mean, how does it happen, what can it do for my skin health???

To stimulate collagen, you need to penetrate the skin causing a micro-trauma.

Two things occur when you penetrate the skin’s surface:

Two things occur when you penetrate the skin’s surface:

  1. You stimulate the wound healing cascade by causing micro-trauma to the skin. This cascade involves different systems of the body including the immune system. The immune system will send specialist cells to clean up the debris from the micro-trauma. This removal makes way for the new nutrient-rich red blood cells.
  2. The micro-trauma breaks down old collagen (collagenase) to make way for new collagen growth and will create over time an improved and stronger matrix layer.

Historically it was believed that to stimulate this process there needed to be deep traumatic injury to the skin, however more recent research has shown that this type of treatment is unnecessary and more damaging to the skin in the long term.

You don’t need to penetrate the deep layers of the skin causing significant trauma, or look as if you’ve emerged from a burning building to get facial enhancement and look younger. These practices will over time create a new layer but also thick scar tissue in the underneath layers of your skin.

Modern and more progressive cosmetologists have taken this new research on board and implemented new and improved tools and techniques to treat cosmetic concerns including acne scarring.

A completely new and improved matrix layer takes approximately 3 months and this will last for 2-3 years. People will need monthly maintenance treatments to maintain their skin health.

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