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What’s the best anti-aging product on the market?

I think the answer will surprise you!

You can age beautifully and feel like a million dollars! You just need to know how.

First up we have skincare, and with skincare this depends on your individual skin type. If you use products that are aligned with your skin type, then your skin care will be anti aging because it’s nourishing and protecting you!

But we all know that skincare alone won’t make you age well and get you glowing from within.

You also need a healthy outlook on life- don’t worry, I will explain this part, but it’s this part that will always be the best anti-aging product on the market.

So what speeds up aging?

We are all pretty much aware that cigarettes, alcohol, and an unhealthy diet will all age you. Also, keep in mind that how you eat is also super important. Your relationship with food and eating has an enormous impact on your total well-being, and this includes your skin.

Your skin needs nutrients too and the best nutrients are found in healthy unprocessed foods.

Food will nourish you from within, giving you skin your proud and confident of.

Other contributors to aging well include the relationship you have with yourself.

Negative emotions impact the condition of your skin.

Emotions such as anger, anxiety and nervous energy create internal heat and will make any skin issue you have worse!

I am not suggesting to never feel any negative emotions. This would be very unhealthy. What I am suggesting is having a healthy relationship with these emotions.  

Learning to react differently to everyday life annoyances would be lifechanging and will mean less wrinkles for you!

Now that diet and mental health have been addressed we need to look at some form of physical exercise. Having an exercise plan that includes strengthening and stretching will get your blood pumping, keep your joints mobile and ensure you maintain your agility.

How does exercise impact your skin? Exercise releases tension, stress and stagnation giving you free flow of blood and fluids. These substances nourish your skin and will give you that inner glow that no amount of makeup or skincare can ever give you.

So, the best anti-aging product on the market is within your reach because it all starts with you and how you chose to live your life!


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