Most skin clinics, beauty salons, and day spas focus only on symptoms, but we treat both the causes and symptoms of dry, sagging skin.

    We treat poor texture, breakouts, fine lines and sagging by addressing the underlying issues to transform your skin long term (ie: hydration, gut health, hormones, stress, diet and sleep).


    Our facials stand out from most skincare treatments by rejuvenating your skin through three distinct channels at once.

    We heal the epidermal layer
    Texture, pores, redness, and fine lines

    We treat the musculature of the face
    To lift sagging skin and build up volume.

    We activate key proteins
    on a cellular level

    To boost collagen and elastin production, quality and turnover.


    Unlike most skin care clinics, our treatments go beyond the clinic rooms to ensure long-lasting, transformative results for your skin and overall health.

    Your Skin Treatment Plan may include:
    Chinese herbs targeting stress, anxiety and inflammation
    Hydration plans
    Facial exercises
    Skin care products
    Meditative tasks

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Achieve beautiful, smooth and vibrant skin without harsh procedures or injectables.

Skin Resurfacing Facial

We'll build up your skin barrier, stimulate growth factors and increase muscle fibres to maintain a fresh, vibrant, RADIANT look long term!

Using a combination of traditional Chinese medicine practices and Dermapen 4 Advanced Skin Needling, we can transform dry, sagging skin, caused by ageing, hormones and sun damage.


Acne Reduction Facial

We’ll clear your redness, inflammation and pustules using our holistic approach that extends beyond skincare. We’ll help you cultivate healthy habits that support radiant skin from the inside out giving you clear, calm, radiant skin for the long term!

Using a revolutionary blend of Western science with TCM practices, we can reduce redness, clear stubborn acne and regulate oily skin that’s caused by gut health, hormonal, lifestyle or stress factors.


Gentle Anti-Ageing Facial

Achieve glass skin instantly with our transformative facial.

Utilising Chinese Medicine techniques, natural proven remedies, and cult products, we create juicy, plump, and smooth skin by boosting circulation, blood flow, and energy.


Hello! I’m Cynthia!

I’m a Chinese Medicine Doctor who is obsessed with supporting ageing women to look and feel phenomenal (because honey, we’re all getting older - we may as well embrace it I say!)

While my key area of interest is the skin, helping women to feel like their most well selves - emotionally, mentally and spiritually - also sets my heart on fire.

I look at the skin and body through a holistic lens to determine what’s working well, and what’s working not so well…

Because while quality skincare and health products are good, what’s most important is that your entire system is in flow and harmony.

  • Would love to feel beautiful in the skin you’re in

  • Are interested in exploring natural ageing treatments

  • Want to gift your skin and body the nourishment it needs to thrive, and look vibrant as you age

  • Know your skincare ritual needs to be switched up, so you can see more visible results


Our 100% natural "East meets West" skincare products have been formulated on the back of our decades of research, and personal and professional experiences.

We won’t just treat you topically with our products, we’ll show you how to take a holistic approach to your skin health so you can shine from the inside out.

At Indi Skin, we believe that skin health requires a holistic treatment approach. Because of this, it’s our mission to provide women with both the products and the knowledge they need to have the skin of their dreams.

Blending both Eastern and Western philosophies, our skincare products are infused with decades of experience and knowledge in the industry. We have formulated a range of products and created a suite of resources, that will not only transform your skin but also skyrocket your confidence and bring your wellbeing into equilibrium.