Hi beautiful woman! Welcome to Indi Skin.

I’m Cynthia! I’m a Chinese Medicine Doctor and Cosmetic Acupuncturist who is located in Neutral Bay, Sydney, NSW.

I support women to make their skin *shine*, embrace the ageing process and feel beautiful in the skin they’re in, and within…

So they can live lives that are filled with contentment, self love, confidence and beauty (on the inside and out!)

Calling on the support of Cosmetic Acupuncture, my specially formulated and handmade skincare products, facials and LED light therapy, I am passionate about helping women achieve a youthful and natural glow…

While also offering lifestyle support related to nutrition, gut health, stress, sleep, hormones, and more!

My ultimate goal is to help you enhance your natural beauty, so you stop traffic and, more importantly, look at yourself in the mirror with an overflowing amount of self love and acceptance.


My passion for skin runs d-e-e-p and has been stirring in my bones for many years.

I’ve spent countless hours and invested more money than I’d ever admit to my husband (haha) learning about skin.

I’ve watched wrinkles, fine lines and crepey skin shift, soften and disappear with cosmetic acupuncture, diet alterations and by incorporating simple calming techniques.

Chinese medicine is a holistic natural medicine and treats the whole person, this means that results are continuous and long lasting.

I can:

Help you hit the reset button so you stop feeling old and tired and start to look and feel more radiant

Eliminate feelings of despair, frustration and worry about your appearance by showing you how to improve your skin and your health in between appointment sessions

Take control of your skin and health so you’re in the driver's seat of creating the life you want

Remove the exhaustion of trying to do all the ‘right things’ for yourself by showing you what you and your skin needs at this time of your life
Reignite your inner spirit (she’s in there) so you feel content and connected with your heart, mind and spirit
Show you how to simply wind down giving you the restful restorative sleep your body has been yearning for so you look fresh and feel more than ready for the day ahead

Let’s get you reacquainted with your lovely warm, smiling glow in the mirror.

  • Meditating and continuously practicing inner cultivation and excavation.

  • Chatting with my husband about how we can help each other deepen our meditations.

  • Having meaningful conversations with my two boys about kindness, empathy and responsibily in this patriarchic society.

  • Shopping at the Social Outfit in Newtown so they can continue their programs for asylum seekers and refugees in Australia.

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  • Learning guitar from my son

  • Having adventurous family holidays whenever we can get away

  • Kissing and playing with Peppa (cat) and Poppy (dog)

My next big non skin project is to take the family to Thailand for a month of meditations learning how to clear out our organs of negativity, connect with the universal energies of the earth, cosmos and space, take our qigong practice to the next level and get my sons ready for adulthood.

Thank You for being here, Beautiful.

I’m chuffed to nourish, pamper and guide you through the ageing process!