BEAUTY MYTH: "Cosmetic Acupuncture can’t transform skin texture as effectively as peels and laser treatments"

BEAUTY MYTH: "Cosmetic Acupuncture can’t transform skin texture as effectively as peels and laser treatments"

In this edition of the Indi Skin Beauty Reviews, we’re busting the myth that chemical peels and harsh laser treatments are the only way of rejuvenating skin texture, achieving the radiant, plump, thick skin we had in our younger years.

As a Chinese Medicine practitioner and registered nurse, I adopt a scientific approach to long term skin rejuvenation.

We are all getting older and this comes with significant skin changes like enlarged pores, crepey thin skin, dry skin, loose skin, fine lines and more pronounced lines. 

It can be a shock when you start to notice these changes to your face. It can give us that low level sense of dread/fear/worry when we look in the mirror and notice changes that we feel are unattractive and make us look less desirable. 

However, Cosmetic acupuncture has the ability to keep our skin barrier healthy, to stimulate growth factors and increase muscle fibers to maintain a fresh, vibrant, RADIANT look as we age. 

A common misconception I want to address today is that lasers and chemical peels are the only effective way to see genuine changes and improvements to the skin texture.

Cosmetic Acupuncture, in fact, has the ability of transforming skin texture for all skin types, at any age, and without any damage to the skin.


How Does Cosmetic Acupuncture Work To Transform Skin?

To understand why Cosmetic Acupuncture is in fact, a far superior and more holistic approach to skin rejuvenation, you’ll need to understand how CA works and the long term impact it has on the skin’s function.

Cosmetic Acupuncture treatments can transform your skin texture and provide a natural lift in the face because...

  1. It's stimulating the production of your 2 key proteins over the whole face and neck 
  2. It can stimulate muscle fibers to restore natural volume in cheeks
  3. It thickens the skin barrier


The 3 Goals of Any Anti-Ageing Skin Treatment

An anti-ageing skin treatment should target the following 3 areas to see any visible changes to skin texture:

  1. You’ll need to thicken your skin barrier if you’ve got crepey skin.
  2. You’ll need to rebuild muscle in the core facial areas to reduce jowls and sagging
  3. You’ll need to generate collagen and elastin production to reduce those fine lines

And guess what? This is EXACTLY what happens with CA.

Anyone, with any skin color or skin type can achieve the total skin transformation with Cosmetic Acupuncture.

However, not everyone can have laser treatments; these only work on certain skin types.

And not everyone can tolerate harsh chemical peels, as we are more prone to sensitive skin as we age.


The Importance of Collagen (And how Cosmetic Acupuncture boosts it)

From wrinkles and fine lines, to overall facial rejuvenation, facial lifting and sculpting - the critical component you’ll need for long lasting results is COLLAGEN.

Collagen is like the scaffolding of your skin. It gives it structure, strength and keeps it looking fresh and smooth. 

For facial rejuvenation and to soften wrinkles and fine lines, we need to increase the amount of collagen, the quality of the collagen and improve the production of collagen.


The Importance of Elastin (And how Cosmetic Acupuncture boosts it)

Another essential factor that declines as we age is elastin, another important component for healthy skin. 

Elastin provides tensile strength, stretch and recoil to the skin meaning that elastin is largely responsible for the firmness of your skin. When you pull or pinch your skin you want it to go back into place and that’s what elastin does. Without elastin your skin would remain looking pinched  

Elastin production decreases in the same way that collagen does.

These two proteins are produced in the same layer of the skin.

Ageing Process

When we needle the skin, we stimulate the production of BOTH proteins.

Collagen Induction Theraphy

Needling the skin layers at various points on the face increases the production of elastin and collagen, improves the quality and accelerates cellular turnover.

This means that you get stronger scaffolding for your skin. 

The result? Softer lines, or complete eradication of lines, along with bouncy, firm, juicy skin.



There’s another physiological aspect happening to your skin as we age, and it’s vital we combat this if we want to completely revive our face.

When needles are threaded into wrinkles, we create ‘controlled trauma’ to the skin.

And when we traumatize the skin in a gentle, controlled way, we can initiate skin thickening in the same way it occurs when a scar forms after a cut.

We want to thicken the outermost layers of the skin because our skin becomes very thin and crepey as we age, this causes a loss of hydration retention resulting in a weak skin barrier.

By thickening, we improve the skin barrier, stabilize hydration retention and moisturisation so you don’t look dry and wrinkly.

CA can produce a natural plumpness to the face that looks soft and beautiful.



Certain lines on the face are attributable to muscles losing volume and laxity. We do also have superficial and deep fat pads that migrate downwards as we age. 

CA certainly does affect our facial muscles. Needling into muscles increases muscle fibres and thereby increases volume, needling activates certain muscle cells back on that tend to turn off as we age again giving them lift. 

The lines on your face that are caused by muscles sagging are:

  • Nasolabial folds
  • Marionette lines
  • Some forehead lines

Needling into the muscles responsible for these areas greatly improves these lines on the face and it also improves your muscles cellular structure which is really important for giving you that fresh, healthy glowing look to the skin. 

Inserting a needle is similar to weight training where you tear your muscle to improve its function. We are just doing this on the face to give our face a lifting. 


Cosmetic Acupuncture provides long term and holistic skin rejuvenation that rivals the typical laser or peel treatment options.


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