At Indi Skin, we’re transforming skin health for long term, full body benefits.

Unlike most skincare clinics and beauty salons, we’re not interested in instant, invasive treatments to make you look younger.

We approach your skin’s vitality, radiance and texture by treating the source of it’s problems in combination with topical products and treatments.

We believe in the importance of managing all factors that contribute to skin health, rather than just treating symptoms that arise day to day.

What you eat, how much you drink, how stressed you are, your genes, your accumulated sun and pollution exposure, the types of harsh products you use; these are all vital elements to be acknowledged, optimised and managed long term, to ensure that any topical products and treatments provide lasting results.

That is why we follow a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) based approach to holistic skin and all-over-body health. 


SKIN TREATMENT CASE STUDY; Bianca** 47 years old.

Today we're sharing a client’s diagnosis and their customised Anti-Ageing Skin Care Program to highlight the integrative and long term approach we take to deliver exceptional skin. 



Gender: Female 

Age: 47

Skin Condition

  • Skin barrier weak, represented by erythema (redness) on cheeks and chin. 
  • Nodular acne (blind pimples) on chin area prior to period.
  • General look of skin is a dull, grey colour, lacklustre.
  • Dry skin under eyes and cheeks
  • Uneven complexion
  • Soften fine lines and wrinkles

Image of blind pimples on chin area, commonly caused by hormonal changes.


Current Health Status


  • Irregular meals; Skips breakfast some mornings
  • Dinner is healthy
  • Eats minimal packaged food. 
  • Tends to eat sugary foods when she has skipped meals 


  • Poor
  • Minimal water (some days 1-2 glasses)
  • No fruit or wet foods to compensate for low fluid intake


  • Goes to bed late 11-11:30pm
  • Mornings are typically rushed and stressful


  • None

Emotional health

  • Anxious, bordering on panic attacks. 
  • Feeling overwhelmed, busy, with not enough time for anything
  • Gets irritable easily 

Spiritual Health

  • None 

Gut Health

  • Prone to constipation
  • Sluggish digestion
  • Bloating prior to period 


  • Mother of 2 children
  • Works full time + after hours


Skin Objectives

Our goal for Bianca* was to:

  • Minimise and remove fine lines and wrinkles
  • Reduce redness on chin and cheeks
  • Brighten and give life to the face 
  • Even out skin tone
  • Look healthy, well rested, vibrant etc



This is the exact anti-ageing skin care program prescribed for Bianca, including products, treatments, diet, hydration and holistic practices to re energise her organs, guided by Traditional Chinese Medicine practices. 


Skin Treatments (In Clinic)

Whilst the skin barrier is unhealthy, it is not in such a weak state that we can’t use the Dermapen 4 device. 

To meet client’s skin objectives I recommended 6x treatment sessions of the microneedling DermaPen4, spaced 4-6 weeks apart. 

We assess at treatment #3 to see if she is happy with her results.

Topical masks to enhance results,

Uber Peel Professional: to treat acne prior to period, brighten and even out complexion. 

3D Sculpted mask: for sensitive dehydrated skin. Will strengthen skin barrier and add moisture/hydration.

We included body acupuncture during her microneedling treatments to calm the nervous system and reduce inflammation (redness).


Skincare Products (Topical)

We looked at her current skincare products and discovered the following:

  • Both her sunscreen and makeup remover were perfect for her skin
  • Her cleanser was made using poor quality ingredients. Unnecessary fillers and synthetic ingredients that would be contributing to her overall dull complexion. This is due to product build up from the inadequacy of the cleanser properly cleaning and washing off her face. Bianca purchased the Indi Skin Hydrate Cleanser
  • She wasn’t currently using a serum so she bought the Indi Skin Hydrate Serum
  • Her current face cream was sufficient 
  • Her physical exfoliant was sufficient  
  • Her oil-blend product was good but she needs to use less. She was using too much and this left her skin greasy

I devised a simple and effective skincare regime for her morning & night, including when to use certain products and in what order to maximise efficacy. 


Internal Healthcare Treatment

Our goal was to promote a thicker, healthy skin barrier and reduce redness by increasing fluids and improving digestion. 

We know how busy life is already, so we began with just 2-3 things our client can implement on a daily basis to start seeing results both in her skin, and her all-round energy levels.

a. Hydration

Increase fluid intake:

  • 2x glasses of water upon waking up
  • 2x glasses prior to each meal

This is not the only fluid of the day. Herbal teas are encouraged when sitting at her desk working. 

Also carry around a water bottle with berries, cucumber or mint leaves. 

b. Fruit

Eat two pieces of juicy fruit (pears, berries, cucumbers) daily. 

c. Calm & Stillness

Try to incorporate quiet time in the house at night to promote healthy sleep habits, and try to get to bed earlier. 

Specific meditations were provided.



5 days post treatment, her skin was looking brighter and vibrant. 

The client was very happy with her skin and received numerous compliments from work colleagues asking ‘what had she gotten done’.

A colleague she hadn’t seen for years told her she ‘just doesn't age’ and looks ‘amazing’ 

The client also found that her makeup sat better on her skin and she didn’t need as much. 

Likewise with her skincare; her products could do their job of hydrating and softening the skin much more effectively.


Lifestyle Changes & Improvements

The client did start drinking more water and had at least one piece of fruit daily. 

2 weeks After Skin Treatment

The second week post treatment she started going into her room at 8:30pm whether she was tired or not. 

She also started taking her youngest daughter’s phone and devices from her at 8:30pm. She advised her family that she was going to bed and it was quiet time.

Even though she was not getting up earlier, the mornings were not so rushed as she was well rested. 

4 Weeks After Skin Treatment

Client started light exercise outside (once a week is her goal) and joined a gym. 

Because she is paying for the gym this gives her a reason to leave work on time and not do unpaid overtime.

5 Weeks After Skin Treatment

5 Weeks after her first skin treatment she was getting up earlier and meditating using the meditations we provided for 20 minutes each morning.

6 Weeks After Skin Treatment

Client came in for her 2nd Skin Treatment & Assessment.

We observed:

  • Client’s skin barrier is much  healthier. 
  • Her skin is thicker, and the micro needling treatment was not as painful, due to the decrease in erythema (redness and inflammation).
  • The skin is brighter, not dull or grey
  • Bloating and constipation and sluggish bowel have resolved 

The beauty of these treatments is how you keep experiencing holistic results even after you leave the clinic. 

The needling keeps working with your growth proteins for months after your treatment. 

The additional at-home care enhances the results and means that the client will just keep looking better and better, and more importantly, feeling better and better.

The at-home treatment care plan is designed so people get to know their own health, and they can get to know their own bodies and what works for them.

We do these activities in a gentle, guided way, choosing the most impactful things that will have a flow on effect to the rest of your total wellbeing.  


*Disclaimer: case studies are not a substitute for medical advice from a certified health care provider. Whilst my client got very good results the treatment plan and skin treatments were/are prescriptive for this individual. This is for your reference only and is no way designed or shared for you to diagnose or treat yourself or others

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